Regarding Plating Appointments and Turnaround Times

UPDATE: 9/10/17

To Customers and Potential Customers,

I am, once again, at capacity for accepting incoming jobs. 

This does not affect customers that have already been given an appointment date.  Your jobs are factored into my schedule. 

In an effort to minimize unnecessarily lengthy turnaround times, I have started accepting work in more manageable quantities. My plan is for this to increase my efficiency, reduce the amount of time I have a customer's razor and ensure my quality standards.

Please know that this is a TEMPORARY halt to incoming work.  I should be able to begin issuing new appointments within a month or so.

All new work will be done on an appointment basis
Newly arriving submissions will be placed in-queue, in the order they are received.
Work Submission Process
  • Please inquire about plating service availability before sending your razor(s)
  • I will reply with a date for a customer to submit the work
  • I ask that customers limit submissions to two (2) razors per work order

Typical turn-around-time for replating service is 6 weeks*

*Due to a large volume of work currently in the shop, the estimated turn-around-time is temporarily in excess of 6 weeks.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please remember that the meticulous care and attention to detail that razors currently in-process are receiving, is THE SAME level of service that your razor will receive when its turn comes around.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Quality work is not done hurriedly!

Hopefully, this new process will reduce turnaround times and allow me to better serve customers.