OIL inside a TTO razor can cause major replating issues!  Please ensure that razors submitted for replating are oil-free - OR - advise me if oil has been used.  This will allow me to utilize the necessary additional de-greasing and cleaning procedures prior to plating preparation!

  • Razors receive an ultrasonic cleaning
  • All razors are stripped of original plating (to base metal) prior to restoration/replating
  • Nickel plating is stripped via a gentle, proprietary chemical agent 
  • Gold razors first undergo a chemical, lacquer removal prior to stripping the plating
  • Gold, rhodium* and silver* are manually removed utilizing muslin (100% cotton) buffing wheels and metal polishes, prior to stripping the underlying nickel layer via the chemical process described above
  • Chrome* is removed by a reverse-electroplating wand, utilizing a proprietary stripping agent
  • Within reason, surface flaws are corrected via microscopically-fine abrasive compounds, jeweler’s rouge and metal polishes
  • Razor is buffed and prepared for electroplating 
  • Razor is electrolytically-cleaned to remove any oils or contaminants
  • Razor is quickly dipped in a dry-acid bath for additional cleaning and to improve deposition of plating
  • Surface plating is applied utilizing laboratory-grade electroplating equipment, plating solutions and anodes
  • Gold, rose gold, silver, black rhodium and rhodium plating is a two-stage process – the razor is first replated in nickel. Gold, rose gold, silver, black rhodium or rhodium is then plated over the nickel foundation
  • All finishing details, such as repainted adjustment dial indicator numbers, indicator springs and TTO knobs are considered to be part of the job and there is no additional charge for this service
  • Razors are cleaned and sanitized prior to shipping and are shave-ready when received by the customer

*Razors that are originally plated in chrome, silver or rhodium require additional preparation and will incur an upcharge of $20 USD for extra, manual processing steps

  • No service is offered for zinc-alloy (Zamak or pot metal), stainless steel, ferrous or aluminum razors 
  • No service offered for chrome-plated, single edge (SE) razors, such as GEM, Ever-Ready, etc.  These razors require far too much labor and consume large amounts of plating materials.