• Bright Nickel Replating
  • Silver Replating
  • 24k Gold Replating
  • Rose Gold Replating
  • Rhodium Replating - Temporarily Unavailable*
  • Black Rhodium Replating - Temporarily Unavailable*
  • Custom Replating
All adjustable razor replating includes repainting of adjustment dial numbers and indicator spring, at no additional charge.
Red Tip TTO knobs are also painted, at no additional charge.

* Rhodium prices have increased to the point that it is unaffordable to offer this service until the market price for rhodium has corrected to “normal” levels. At this time, I would have to charge at least 2x more than usual for rhodium plating. That is not a good deal for anyone!     June 12, 2020

No service offered for ANY chrome-plated razors - such as Eclipse Red Ring and Barbasol Floating Head DE razors - and single edge (SE) razors, such as GEM, Ever-Ready, etc. 

***Effective 1/24/17, RazorPlate will no longer offer plating service for the Gillette Toggle razor.

***Effective 5/1/16, all replating work for Gillette British Aristocrats ("numbered" razors, such as #15, #16, #19, Aristocrat Jr., Rocket, etc.) will incur a $30 upcharge.

Typical turn-around-time for replating service is 4 weeks*

*Due to a large volume of work currently in the shop, the estimated turn-around-time is temporarily in excess of 4 weeks.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please remember that the meticulous care and attention to detail that razors currently in-process are receiving, is THE SAME level of service that your razor will receive when its turn comes around.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. Quality work is not done hurriedly!